download beam analysis spreadsheet Beam Analysis spreadsheet (v1.01) calculates simple and continuous beam support reactions and rotations, shears, and moments due to stationary and moving loads. Some of the spreadsheet features are:
  • Concentrated P-loads and M-loads
  • Uniformly and linearly distributed loads
  • Bridge live load
  • Support settlement
  • End cantilevered spans
  • Pinned or fixed end supports
  • Change in stiffness within individual spans
  • Shear and moment diagrams and envelopes
  • Influence line diagrams
  • Multiple beam configurations
  • Custom beam functions
Up to 20 beam configurations (beam & loading data) and respective analysis results can be stored on the spreadsheet.
Custom beam functions can be used in Excel formulas to access stored analysis results for any saved beam configuration.
For detailed spreadsheet feature set, see Data Sheet.

download staad results spreadsheetStaad Results spreadsheet (v2.01) is designed to copy analysis reports from the STAAD.Pro analysis output files (files with extension ".anl") in the Excel spreadsheet. The available STAAD.Pro reports include Joint Displacements, Support Reactions, Member End Forces, and Member Stresses (added in v.2.00). Up to 20 files may be specified simultaneously. The Data from the different files may be copied to the same worksheet, and the data from the same file can be copied to the different worksheets.

download RTeditor spreadsheetRTeditor (v1.0) is a free spreadsheet that is designed to create, edit, and maintain rebar types (bends), subject to on-demand import by the Bar Schedule spreadsheet.

Rebar type diagrams are drawn using CAD-like commands for precision drafting. Any consistent units of length measurement can be used to create diagrams.

The spreadsheet allows setting up a rebar length formula and dimension restrains. A rebar length formula can be manually entered or auto-generated. Auto-generated formulas can be either sum of all outside dimensions or length measured along the bar centerline.

Each RTeditor copy can hold up to 400 rebar types sorted out in ten rebar type sets. The spreadsheet comes with four preloaded rebar type sets including CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, US) and RSIC (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada) standard bends. For more information, see User Manual and Tutorial .

download bar schedule spreadsheetBar Schedule spreadsheet (v2.0) is an Excel form designed for an easy and efficient way to create reinforcement bar schedules and deploy them together with rebar bends in a CADD application such as AutoCad and MicroStation via an AutoCad DXF file. The most notable additions in the version 2.0 are as follows:

  • Deployment of a bar schedule and associated rebar bends in a CADD application.
  • US Customary (Feet-Inches) and Metric units.
  • Rebar property options: CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, US), RSIC (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada), and user-defined (metric).
  • Import of rebar types from the RTeditor spreadsheet.
  • Choice of detailed or cut rebar length postings.
  • Multiple rebar number-columns.

For more information, see Reference Guide.


To initiate secure on-line purchase of a full software version, open worksheet titled "License" or "Reference" whichever is included in the Demo and press "Purchase Software"
Beam Analysis  $7.00
Staad Results   $12.00
Bar Schedule $29.00

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The demos are fully functional spreadsheets except they can’t be saved. Please note that the macros must be allowed to run in the Excel for the spreadsheets to function as intended.

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The Video content presented here requires a most recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. Please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here