Rcolumn was written and made available on the internet in 2002. It analyzes reinforced concrete columns for biaxial bending in accordance with the provisions of the AASHTO and ACI Codes that were in effect at that time.

The program implements Working Stress, Service Load, and Load Factor methods of design. The AASHTO seismic provisions for biaxial bending are also implemented. The Code (AASHTO or ACI) and design method are selected from within the program. If selected, the program magnifies design moments in accordance with the Code provisions for approximate slenderness effect evaluation.

Program Features:
  • Group load combinations in accordance with the Code or custom rules

  • Compression and tension axial loads

  • Solid and hollow columns

  • Four column and void shapes: rectangular, circular, semi-circular, and polygon. Any column shape may be combined with any void shape

  • Up to 3 layers of reinforcement with a maximum of 100 bars

  • Integrated interaction diagram and section plot utilities

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