The custom functions and macros are offered in three spreadsheet packages:

download basic excel functions Basic spreadsheet (v2.01) includes trigonometric functions and functions that perform angle, numerical fraction and feet-inch conversions. Cell Inspector and Cell Range Linker/Transformer macros are also in the package. Functions and macros added in Version v2.00 are as follows:
  • Triangle Geometry Functions;
  • Linear Interpolation Functions;
  • Solution of System of Linear Equations Functions;
  • Multi AND/OR-Formula Constructor Macro;
  • Multi IF-Formula Constructor Macro;
For detailed information on functions included in the Basic spreadsheet (v2.01) see, Basic Function Reference.
download structural excel functions Structural spreadsheet (v1.01) contains functions and macros included in the Basic spreadsheet (v1.00) plus custom functions that enable analysis of the spread footings and reinforced concrete rectangular and T-sections. Functions returning rebar properties are also included.
For detailed information on structural functions included in the Structural spreadsheet, see Structural Function Reference
download bridge excel functions Bridge/Rdwy COGO Geometry spreadsheet (v1.20) is intended for bridge engineers and anyone who works with COGO geometry or wants to create precise graphic objects in the Excel spreadsheet.

Some of the COGO geometry-related features are as follows:
  • Functions calculating point coordinates by angles, distances, stations and offsets, mirroring, rotation, and at intersection of lines and arcs;

  • Functions calculating distances, arc lengths, angles, stations and offsets, and areas of complex figures;

  • Definition of graphics consisted of strings of lines and arcs;

  • User defined display of graphics. Display parameters include size and location of display window and scale and rotation angle of graphics. Graphics can be displayed in layers that can be turned on and off. Graphics can also be clipped to produce zooming and panning effects. Display is dynamically updated reflecting spreadsheet changes;

  • Creation of AutoCad DXF files;
For more information on COGO functions, see COGO Function Reference.

The spreadsheet also includes vertical curve, linear interpolation and other select custom functions and macros. For full list of select functions and macros, see Select Custom Function/Macro Reference.
To initiate secure on-line purchase of a full software version, open worksheet titled "License" or "Reference" whichever is included in the Demo and press "Purchase Software"
Basic Functions $3.00
Structural Functions $19.00
Br/Rdwy Functions $19.00

Single User License
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The demos are fully functional spreadsheets except they can’t be saved. Please note that the macros must be allowed to run in the Excel for the spreadsheets to function as intended.

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