State of the art software is inevitably at the core of the modern structural design. However, there is always a need for a complementary manual calculations in order to perform design tasks that are in support or outside of available software capabilities. Many engineers and designers enlist an Excel spreadsheet as a medium for hand-made calculations and stand along in-house applications.

The Excel custom functions and spreadsheets available on this site were developed with three goals in mind:

  • Minimize repetitious and tedious design tasks in favor of real problem solving
  • Allow for wide range application that is adaptive to various design scenarios 
  • Provide accessibility for the end user with casual Excel experience

In addition, this site offers VB macros for Microstation v.8 and a reinforced concrete column analysis computer program Rcolumn.

Structural design tools offered on this site include on-line calculators, Excel spreadsheets, MicroStation V.8 Macros, and Rcolumn. The Rcolumn is free. Other software may be purchased after trying out a Demo version (first try it, then if you decide it’s what you want, buy it).  

Dear Visitor, you are invited to explore this site; who knows, may be there is something that may interest you. You'll find much more information including download links and purchasing instructions on the specific pages.